Welcome to Iona May!

A little about me:


I have worked in the health and wellness sector for 6 years, working with women and men on their health and fitness goals as well as their mindset towards different areas of their life. I have always taken the holistic approach to empowering my clients with their plans/goals. e.g. there is no point in having a strict gym regime if you are currently working towards making it out of bed daily. We need to look at the bigger picture to improve our lives and situations.



Click here to learn more about NLP, and click here to show your interest in coaching with me


Have a listen to the podcast here to hear all about what is going on in health and wellness in and around Edinburgh!


I also teach online and in person yoga classes in Edinburgh. Click here to book into my classes at Lane Yoga.

Here is a link to my free recorded 30-60 minute yoga classes! Enjoy!


Enjoy having a rummage through the site and feel free to get in touch or leave me a comment if you have any questions about NLP/coaching, yoga or if you want to be a part of the podcast!

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