What is NLP/coaching?

I am currently working towards my NLP practictioner qualification so I would love to use my new skills if you have something in your life you are working towards just now! . What is NLP? – Neuro linguistic programming is a group of techniques to help you change behavioural patterns to achieve specific goals in […]

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Brand new yoga classes in Edinburgh!

  My offerings: ***NEW CLASSES***  Vinyasa Flow classes 👯‍♀️Join me weekly . 🏋️‍♀️Monday 12.15-1pm @puregym Exchange Crescent (book @puregym)  . 🤸‍♀️Tuesday 6-7pm @3hillstreet design studio . ☕ Friday 7-8am @cafenoiredin including a FREE COFFEE! . 🧘‍♂️ Book through Mindbody on my BIO LINK BOOK HERE

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Cravings – Refined sugar, sweets chocolate….

Craving number 1: refined sugar (sweets, candy, chocolate) – my lover and nemesis Craving refined sugar can often be a sign that your body is lacking chromium, carbon phosphorus, sulphur, tryptophan. You can get these from: Broccoli, grapes, cheese, chicken, fresh fruit, beef, liver, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, legumes, cranberries, horseradish, kale, cabbage, turkey, sweet […]

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Cravings – top tips series

Definition: “A food craving is an intense desire to consume a specific food, stronger than simple normal hunger”. There is no single explanation for food cravings and can range from the following types: EMOTIONAL CRAVINGS:  Foods that are high in fats, carbohydrates and glucose, (chocolate, sweets) affect the brain centers for appetite to produce endorphins […]

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