Cravings – Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks

Once again a lot of people drink carbonated drinks when thirsty which is fine as if they contain water (would be really weird if they didn’t). However a lot of people think they are “addicted” to a certain drink (usually diet coke), this is usually just a habitual pattern of drinking that particular drink. When trying to lose weight try simple tap water, sparkling water or if you want an alternative with less chemicals FIZZ STICKS. (Make sure you use a stainless steel straw to protect your teeth and the environment!)

The craving for carbonation in the drink sometimes means that you need more calcium. Foods high in calcium are: Mustard, broccoli, kale, legumes, dairy & sesame.


Here is a little on True and Emotional Hunger

Hunger: True & Emotional

When faced with the sensation of “hunger”, consider the possibility that it might not be true hunger when trying to lose weight. In our Western culture, what we call hunger is often the physical manifestation of an emotion that is asking to be “numbed” or comforted. If left alone and quietly observed, emotional hunger becomes an opportunity for immense growth. When that “hunger” sensation arises, mindfully keep your attention on it, and ask yourself:
What am I really feeling? If it’s boredom. Am I truly hungry or am I feeling anxious / nervous / sad / upset right now?

With a little effort, this exploration can help bring awareness to the difference between true hunger and emotional hunger. Understanding this distinction on a personal level can help stop the cycle of bad habits that lead to food cravings, weight gain, and poor health.

Here is a useful way to determine if what you are feeling is true hunger:

Gradually arises
You’re open to different food options
Doesn’t have to be filled immediately
You stop when you’re full
You feel good when finished


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