How to survive the Edinburgh Fringe!?


How to get through the Fringe without:

a. Burning out

b. Gaining all the “weight” or body fat you have been working so hard all year to maintain off.

c. Getting sacked for sleeping in too many days in a row. or d. having to take out a second mortgage to cover the expense of all the shows, booze and food


Edinburgh Fringe (the entire month of August) has a similar feel to December and Christmas time except we have longer days and its socially acceptable to wander around in full costume OR be hammered at any hour of the day (even if you aren’t in a show). These “rules” given, it makes the whole city feel like its on holiday. However the majority of us have to continue with our day job amongst all the riotous fun of all-night comedy shows and circus acts.

Here are my personal favourites for keeping yourself safe from tipping over the edge this August.



  • Give yourself some boundaries and let them be known. e.g. give yourself a night (or 2,3 or 4) off every week to have some chilled time and not be at shows
  • PLAN AHEAD. Go to some of the box offices that are allowed to give you recommendations and book on the app using the 241 Friends of the Fringe option (this will save you time and money)
  • Drink as much water as you can. It is very easy to drink alcohol every day in the Fringe (which will take its effect) so even if this is the case drink as much extra water as you can to help balance it all out.
  • Plan your meals for the rest of your day. e.g if you are going out to shows and drinking on a Thursday night you will need alot of extra calories for all the booze and high calorie foods, so plan lower calorie and high protein meals for your breakfast and lunch.
  • Keep active. Yes you are going to walk around alot from venue to venue but also keep your gym or other fitness regime up at least 2/3 days a week if possible. It will help keep you in a routine and you will feel better for it. Will stop you having that post Christmas break feeling come September 1st.
  • Give yourself extra time to get everywhere. You will be stopped by tourists 3/4 times every day to and from work and giving a million flyers. Plan for it rather than gaining the rage.
  • Wear the right clothes. Always bring either an umbrella or a raincoat with you. Is it the height of summer in Edinburgh BUT August loves rain so be prepared and don’t get caught out.
  • Take some breaks from the crowds by going for a walk on water of Leith, the Pentlands or even try a Yoga class to keep your zen. Try out my Thirsty Thursday yoga class with gin throughout the summer here!

And last but not least, embrace the madness and go with it!