6 Top Tips for avoiding the festive bulge – extended!

xmas tree

1. Drink plenty of water – we all tend to over indulge on food and alcohol in the festive spirit and often forget to stay hydrate, try alternating alcohol with a glass of water.


2.  Tea – Fill your boots – if you find yourself snacking for boredom rather than hunger then drink more water, and have herbal teas at the ready to ease bloating.

walk 3

3. Keep moving – work for your christmas dinner and get your folks together for a walk. Other options are to plan mini HIIT or at home work outs to work for your food if you know you are going to go all out, this way you will stay within your calorie allowance and maintain rather than putting on weight/body fat over the festive period.

snow heart

                                                                Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow,

 4. Plan your food. If you are serious about maintaining your current composition over the festivities then PLAN. If you know you are going to be drinking then pick low calorie drinks (e.g. white spirits and low cal mixers) and have lower carb/calories the rest of the day. Help plan or offer to cook christmas dinner so that you can heap on the veggies and protein so stay fuller and stop you snacking on treats so much 🙂

walk 2

5. Chill out!! So many people get stressed on Christmas day that things need to be perfect. Stress raises cortisone levels decreasing the ability to burn fat so be calm and enjoy the time you have with family/friends/to yourself. Rest and recovery is just as important as your training and food so use the time to give your mind and body some well earned R&R!


                                                    Me and some of my massive family at the top of 

                                                    Ben Lomond last year.

6. Be mindful and present. Enjoy what you currently doing/eating/playing. Dont think about what next to eat or drink or what work lays ahead. Live in the moment and enjoy it.

Happy Holidays!